The Bible teaches that God gives individual believers various talents and abilities to be used in their daily Christian lives. The talent that the Lord has given Bro. Richard Smith is an inventive mind. Bro. Smith is a Deacon at Columbiana Baptist Church and one area where he serves is preparing for Lord’s Supper. Part of the duties involves the filling of the communion cups with the juice, and in doing this, he felt that there was an easier, quicker and less messy way of preparing the cups. As a result, Bro. Smith invented the "Quick-R-Filler" which has been used regularly here at CBC for many years. We would encourage you to consider investing in the "Quick-R-Filler" for your church family as a help to those who prepare for your communion services.

Quick-R-Filler Information

Website: http://www.quick-r-filler.com

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