We are privileged to partner with these missionaries in the work of the Gospel of Jesus Christ...

Steve & Lois Donley

Missionaries to the Northwest Territories, Canada

(We are privileged to be their sending church)

Jim & Denise Arnold

Missionary Coordinator for West Africa

Shawn & Emily Bateman

Missionaries to Argentina

James & Abby Baxter

Missionaries to South Sudan

Josh & Rebecca Florence

Missionaries to Papua New Guinea

Joshua & Jessica Flowers

Missionaries to Mexico, Central & South America

David & Stephanie Gross

Missionaries to Moldova

Brian & Janice Hampton

Missionary Coordinator for Haiti

Russell & Beth Holland

Missionaries to Norway

Brian & Jennifer Hollis

Missionaries to Bolivia

Shari House

Missionary to Thailand

Carl & Charmaine Houser

Missionaries to the United Kingdom

Philip & Kristi Jansma

Missionaries to Brazil

Nathan & Becky Jones

Missionaries to Rankin Inlet, Canada

Shannon & Tiffany Lemmon

USA - Bible & Literature Missionary Foundation

John & Debbie MacLennan

Missionaries to Scotland

Bruno & Sylvia Malepou

Missionaries to the Central African Republic

Cedric & Tonya McCormick

USA - McCormick Music Ministry

Jason & Kelly Perlak

USA - Wilderness Christian Camp

Jayme Radak

Missionary to Brazil

Keith & Rebecca Shumaker

Missionaries to Burkina Faso, West Africa

Jonathan & Katrina Skean

Missionaries to Russia